• may'17
    Prolinniva International Partners Workshop
    Tamale, Ghana
    15-18 May
  • mar'17
    Agricultural Research for Development
    Polytechnic University, Madrid
    II Congress. Hunger 0 and sustainable food: the role of Agricultural Research for Development (IApD)
  • mar'17
    Launching Decade of Family Farming campaign
    New York
    Hosted by the President of Costa Rica, to delegations and embassies in New York
  • dec'16
    Incorporación de Jóvenes al sector Agrario
    Palacio Europa, Vitoria
  • nov'16
    International Workshop: National Committes for Family Farming from Africa
    15-16 nov. International Workshop of African NCFF to bring together representatives from 16 countries to exchange experiences and discuss the role of the NCFF in the IYFF+10 initiative
  • nov'16
    IV Cumbre Cooperativa de las Américas
    Montevideo, Uruguay
    From november the 14th to 18th, 2016
"Every nation must have the right to develop its own local food production managed by women and men members of Family Farming1. This dynamics towards achieving Food Security and Food Sovereignty must be based on the implementation of sustainable agricultural models, resilient to climate change, such as the agro-ecological model, within the solidarity economy perspective".
Manifest of Brasilia, 2014