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Joint Statement from Greenpeace and artisanal fisheries in Senegal


This is a symbolic moment that Greenpeace and artisanal fishermen chose to release a joint statement on the situation of fisheries in Senegal. This coincides indeed with the arrival of the ship "MY Arctic Sunrise" in Senegalese waters to document and expose the effects of overfishing due to foreign vessels, on local communities. This statement, which follows the caravan "my voice, my future" organized in January by Greenpeace in fishing communities, is an invitation to future leaders. The statement calls out to the inadequacies of current fisheries policies in this country where fishing figures prominently in the economy and food security of populations, and gives the vision of artisanal fishermen and Greenpeace for a sustainable and equitable management of fisheries resources in Senegal. Senegalese waters, once fish are no longer able to withstand the pressure exerted on them by foreign vessels. The consequences of this are enormous: the fishers aboard their traditional boats, seeing their livelihoods disappear every day.

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Source: Greenpeace

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