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  • Zambia: Farmers Need Leverage to Bargain With Buyers of Crops


    For many farmers, especially the small-scale producers, every harvest and marketing season is a period of anxiety and uncertainty as to whether they will be able to sell their crops at a reasonable profit.

  • The ECOWAS must protect its sensitive products by setting an entry price on imports


    The ECOWAS should find a way of protecting its agriculture that would still allow the urban population to buy food at reasonable prices. The best option would be to protect sensitive community products by setting an entry price for imported ones. At present imports into the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) member states are subject to fixed customs duties. There is a set rate for each specific product and together these rates make up the Common External Customs Tariff (CET).

  • Nigeria: Govt Spends $5.5 Billion Yearly On Food Importation - Kurfi


    Abuja; The Chief Economic Adviser to the President, Tanimu Kurfi said on Thursday that Nigeria spends about $5.5 billion annually on food importation



    The aim of the Seminar-Conference is to make public / demonstrate / contribute ideas on the fundamental role which Family Farming carries out in Economic and Human Development in general.

  • Africa: Food Crisis Over, Say Experts


    Ibadan — Experts on agriculture drawn from the Asian and African continents yesterday declared that global food crisis that rocked the world last year was effectively over.

  • Africa: No Quick Fix for Malnutrition And Hunger


    Almost five million children under the age of five die of malnutrition every year in the developing world. Food aid - which mainly contains nutrient-poor carbohydrates - does little to address the absence of a diverse diet that would prevent the condition.

  • Fertility and family land disputes


    Sustenance in old age.Today we pursue our study, following the publication of the last population census in Burkina (of December 2006), stating that the average national fertility rate per woman is 6.2 children, ( 6.7 in rural areas and 4.6 in urban centres). What is the significance of this ?

    abc Burkina

  • Uganda: Bukenya Urges NGOs to Fight Rural Poverty


    Kampala; DEVELOPMENT agencies operating in rural areas have been urged to encourage small income-generating activities alongside farming.

  • Zimbabwe: Catholic Charity Seeks Funds for Starving Thousands


    Rome The international Catholic charity, Caritas, is appealing for USD 7 million to help a quarter of a million people from starvation, provide health care, and clean water to 16,000 homes in Zimbabwe.

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