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  • Uma Lele: "'Little revolutions' needed to feed 9 billion people"


    Last month Montpellier hosted othe World Conference on Agricultural Research for Development 2010. There was presenting the lecture "Transforming agricultural research" by Uma Lele, senior economist born in India.

  • The debate about the CAP has started


    The European Commission has begun debate about the CAP. Yesterday the head of the Commission on matters of Agriculture and Rural Development, Dacian Ciolos, presented the objectives and topics to discuss.

  • Workshops about organic farming techniques

    Fuente: PELUM [04-12-2010]

    PELUM, African organization member of the World Rural Forum, organized in Uganda a conference about organic farming techniques. Thirty-two people participated, who also had lessons to learn new techniques of how to teach them to others. "Learning by doing" was the motto.

  • Seeds and tool kits delivered to 68 000 households in Haiti

    Fuente: FAO [04-09-2010]

    FAO has distributed seeds and tool kits to 68 000 farming families in the earthquake zones of Haiti, the first step in the agency’s response to the catastrophe that hit the Caribbean nation.

  • Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development

    Fuente: Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development [04-07-2010]

    From 27 to 31 April the French city of Montpellier hosted the Global Conference on Agricultural Research for Development2010. During four days scientists, farmers, politicians and other stakeholders in rural development discussed various papers.

  • Agreement between the Spanish government and rural development associations


    The Ministry of the Environment and Rural and Marine had got an agreement with the Bureau of Associations for Rural Development about the final text of Sustainable Rural Development Programme 2010-2014. This text will be taken for approval to the Ministry Cabinet.

  • Agro-Food Cooperatives are launching a project for energy saving

    Fuente: Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias [03-31-2010]

    Agro-food cooperatives, the confederation which gathers cooperatives of the Spanish state, has launched a project called CO2OP, to save energy. Among the cooperatives involved in this project is UDAPA, member of the World Rural Forum.

  • Paraguayan farmers demanding land reform


    Thousands of Paraguayan farmers marched on Thursday 25 through the streets of Asuncion to demand agrarian reform to President Fernando Lugo.

  • More than 200 dairy industry representatives met in Brussels


    On 26 of March the city of Brussels was the venue of the meeting of High Level Group on the dairy sector. More than 200 representatives from different parts of the value chain, from production to sales, discussed the future of the sector.

  • World deforestation decreases, but remains alarming in many countries

    Fuente: FAO [03-26-2010]

    World deforestation, mainly the conversion of tropical forests to agricultural land, has decreased over the past ten years but continues at an alarmingly high rate in many countries, FAO announced today.

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